The Real Estate market has literally been turned upside down with homeowners owing more on their homes than what those homes are worth. Distressed homeowners are confronted with the agonizing decision of how to proceed - foreclosure or short sale? With a successfully negotiated short sale the seller won't have get any money at closing, but they will avoid the emotional toll a foreclosure can cause. Most of the time, the seller won't have to come to closing with any money and their credit won't be destroyed. A successful short sale transaction requires experience, patience, and the ability to find solutions.

As a short sale specialist we will:

Determine the lender's requirements to approve the sale.
  • Facilitate the submission of required documents from you to the lender including a "hardship letter" which speaks to the changes of income and/or expenses.
  • Determine a listing price for your home, and diligently market if for sale.
  • Communicate regularly with your lender's short sale negotiator to work towards a successful close of escrow.






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