LeMond Realty We’re local experts with one goal; to help you find a house that fits your needs, budget and lifestyle. We understand that this starts with listening. We want to know your story, what you’re looking for and why. By truly understanding you, we are better enabled to define your search to the style and area that suits you best. We Listen First Results Oriented We know our success rests solely with the satisfaction of our clients. You are important to us and we work hard to meet your unique requirements and needs. This is why we are continually lauded for our customer service and have helped many old clients find a new dream home when their families grow, their needs change or when they transfer jobs. We know how important and big an investment in a home is and it’s crucial you work with people you trust. Professionals OUR TEAM MAKES With years of real estate experience, dedication and a detailed knowledge of Reno and the surrounding communities we offer a whole new level of expertise. Combined with our fast, state-of-the-art online home search capabilities, you will have all the information you need before you step foot into the first house on your list. This gives you an edge over other potential buyers and empowers you to make decisions you know are right. FINDING A HOME EASIER
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